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Pol Lombarte is a contemporary artist from Barcelona, ​​best known for selling his heartbeats as a work of art and for developing a new type of NFT linked to living bodies. His goal is to experience new forms of expression through crypto art and the union between his body and technology, such as clocks and lights.

He has been an artist in residence at the Cyborg Foundation and together with Neil Harbisson he has worked on the creation of other projects such as the Sonochromatic Piano and the Sense of Time.

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Pol  Lombarte    



The Sonochromatic Piano is an electrified grand piano with copper connections under each key that allows the artist to light up the corresponding light bulbs when the piano is played. Each light bulb and its specific colour relates to a specific note, according to the sonochromatic scale, which respects a relationship between the frequencies of sounds and the frequencies of colours.


The Heart Clock is used to externalize Lombarte's heartbeats through the passage of time. Our hearts are like clocks, so he wanted to literally transform each heartbeat to a tick of a clock. This clock moves according to his heart rate: if his heart goes faster: time flies and if his heart goes slower: time stretches. 


The Heart clock


Lombarte's cyborg heart allows him to externalize his heartbeats to an NFT via Wi-Fi signal by connecting it to three electrodes attached to his body. He shares the light of his heartbeats publically and the owner of this NFT is actually Neil Harbisson.

The Sonochromatic piano

Lombarte's Heart & NFT